Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Νεκρός ο David Beckham;


Σοκάρει το δημοσίευμα της «Global Associated News»

Το site « Global Associated News» δημοσίευσε πως ο  David Beckham,έχασε τη ζωή του έπειτα από αυτοκινητικό δυστύχημα περιγράφοντας ότι ο ποδοσφαιριστής
οδηγούσε στον αυτοκινητόδρομο « Route 80» από το Μόρισταάουν στο Ρόσγουελ και έχασε τον έλεγχο του αυτοκινήτου του.

Ευτυχώς η είδηση δεν υφίσταται και το site αποδείχτηκε για άλλη μια φορά αναξιόπιστο. Στον παρελθόν έχει «πεθάνει» τον David Guetta και τη Lady Gaga.

David Beckham Dies In Car Crash


(Local Team News 9) David Beckham died in a single vehicle crash on Route 80 between Morristown and Roswell. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics responding to the vehicle accident and was identified by photo ID found on his body. Alcohol and drugs do not appear to have been a factor in this accident - September 27, 2011
Highway Safety Investigators have told reporters that David Beckham lost control while driving a friend's vehicle on Interstate 80 and rolled the vehicle several times killing him instantly.

The vehicle was believed to have been traveling at approximately 95 miles per hour in a 55mph zone at the time of the accident.

Witnesses have stated that David Beckham's car crossed the double lines several times prior to the accident and hit the center lane divider causing the vehicle to flip and roll.

Toxicology tests will be performed to determine whether he was driving under the influence, however initial findings indicate that durgs or alcohol did not contribute in any way to this accident as it was more likely to been caused by road conditions.

Memorial services for David Beckham have not yet been announced. The service is expected to be a closed casket funeral due to the severe head trauma.

Additional details and information will be forthcoming as they become available.