Friday, September 16, 2011

Η χώρα όπου το φυσικό αέριο κοστίζει μια απίστευτη 2p ένα λίτρο - μόλις 14 σεντς ανά γαλόνι

Top Ten Cheapest - World Petrol Prices
UK consistently ranks in the top three most expensive.
The Facts
Caracas, Venezuela

2p per litre (average) — Is Hugo Chavez proving a point to the Western world?
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

8p per litre (average) — 20% of the world's oil reserves: they'll remain one of the cheapest till the end
Tripoli, Libya

9p per litre — 41 billion barrels of oil per yer make Libya 9th in the oil-producing world league
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

12p per litre (average) — Car drivers are entitle to 120 litres free per month, so maybe the price isn't important
Manama, Bahrain

13p per litre (average) — 60% of the government's revenue comes from oil production
Kuwait City, Kuwait

14p per litre (average) — The government-subsidised petrol and public transport shows consideration for the community
Doha, Qatar

15p per litre (average) — Citizens have the 2nd highest incomes and the 7th lowest petrol in the world
Cairo, Egypt

19p per litre (average) — The future of their price per litre is uncertain in an unstable country
Muscat, Oman

20p per litre (average) — 600,000 barrels produced every day, so the government gives its citizens a break
Algiers, Algeria

20p per litre (average) — 60% of the country's income comes from their oil production
Oslo, Norway - Most expensive

£1.64 per litre (average) — Road use tax £1.64 per litre + CO2 tax £0.10 per litre
London, UK - 3rd most expensive

£1.35 per litre (average) — Duty ££0.59 per litre + VAT = 20%